Welcome to the first day of your internship at the Tourist Board of Loch Ness!

Things have been a bit quiet here recently, so we thought we'd give the tourism a little boost by, *ahem*, helping our visitors to find Nessie. Soon, they'll be telling all their friends, family and social-media-followers about their experience, and the visitors will flock to us for a glimpse of Nessiteras rhombopteryx!

Your job is to control this Nessie dummy we've put together, and to position it carefully such that the tourists can get a good view of it. You should be able to move it around using your arrow keys.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a very large budget, and consequently it's not a very convincing construction; please don't get too close, otherwise they'll notice it's a fake and we'll be ruined!

Oh, and look out for submarines too -- no idea what they're doing in our Loch, but they're probably full of tourists too.

Created in 48 hours of Ludum Dare: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=p...


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